Why you need to change your towel this summer

Why you need to change your towel this summer
August 6, 2017 AnatolianFabric
Why you need to change your towel this summer

To start with, we need to first talk about how often you should wash your towel. Many people would expect there to be a simple answer to the question; how often should I wash my towel. But there is no such thing as the right answer to that question. It all lies in individual choices and their prerogative.

Why you need to change your towel this summerIt’s all about how comfortable you are. Some people will not be comfortable after using a towel more than three days; others will feel fine while using it for ten days, and it’s all about your choice.

In general, you want to wash your towel after it has been used a certain number of times. In my opinion, three times is best. The reason is quite simple: some people may have their bath more than once a day, while others might not take their bath every day. So, three uses for me is a good guide, although, of course, you might prefer to use a fresh towel on a daily, or exchange your towel after two or after four uses, this is fine.

There are also other factors that can be considered concerning choice; how much time one has to spare in accessing the laundry facilities, how much heat you relatively get in your home to dry these towels or how humid your environment is should also be considered too. This and more are factors to consider while deciding how frequently your towels should be washed. This is because a towel that is left undried will be a breeding zone for bacteria and other microorganisms that are dangerous for the health.

Having decided on how often you want to wash your towels, there is something that usually sets in. Your towels will start degrading sooner or later. Due to washing and other factors. This leads us to when you need to change your towel. But what are the reasons for changing towels

The following are the reasons for which you might want to change your towel.

  1. Your towels have lost their softness and ability for absorption.

Towels begin to lose their absorbency and softness after two or three years on average. When washing and drying towels, they lose fiber. Once your towels lose enough fiber, it will not be soft and absorbent anymore.

When your towel loses their thickness, you can cut it into rags for cleaning. You just recycled it into something useful from something becoming useless.

  1. Your towels have become bad and stinky

Over time the towels can develop a bad smell that cannot be removed by washing. Even after washing, once it gets wet again from drying your body after a shower, the mold smell can come back. This takes time before happening though while using organic towels.

You can get rid of this dirty smell on your towels with some special washing methods. If after trying this method of washing, you still have the musty smell, it is time to dump the towel.

How do you choose your next towel?

You must choose towels based on their softness, Eco friendliness, and durability

Apart from the choice of choosing towels that have long small fiber lengths that produce a super absorbent towel, they must feel soft and smooth. This is a sure way to give your body a little more pleasure and create a sense of luxury for yourself.


The way towels made from Turkish Cotton is produced for instance guarantees to be strong and durable for everyday use. This means they stand the test of time and last longer, allowing you to save money in the long term

You must also look out for absorbency in selecting a new towel

When selecting towels, they must be eco-friendly and organic towels. These towels must be soft just like those made from Turkish cotton. Which also last longer and do not easily start to stink.

In conclusion, why do you need to change your towel? You need to do so because they are bad, hard and have lost their absorbency.

Which towel should you choose next? I’ll give you a clue. Choose towels that have good absorbency, durable and is soft.

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