Using eco-friendly and natural fabrics in towels

Using eco-friendly and natural fabrics in towels
August 6, 2017 AnatolianFabric

So many people do all they can to make their homes ecofriendly and furnish them with sustainable products neglecting what comes into their bathroom and bath linens. Our bathrooms are usually filled with these fibers are filled with toxic chemicals and dyes that are environmentally hazardous. Or materials used for eco friendly bath linens? Now how do you pick towel that’s right for you and will last for a long time? Worry less because this article will teach you the best choice to make when dealing with your bathroom.



Have you ever heard of towels made from Turkey? Irrespective of what is going through your mind now, keep calm as we unveil all you ever wished you knew about Turkish towels. Turkish towels are made of thick cotton modified with a long nap usually composed of uncut loops. Turkish towels come in various types ranging from bath towel (terrycloth), a beach towel, foot towel, etc. Turkish towels are 100% made from cotton – a natural fiber, hence, it is ecofriendly and considered safe for usage.

Examples of Natural Fiber

There are millions of natural fiber cultivation without the addition of any chemical. This article with focus a few of intense important and we would get an endless list if we really want to go down all of them. Those of interest include –

  • Hemp –Hemps is widely known for its resistance to mildew, absorbance and durability. This makes it a top choice for shower curtains as it absorbs 100% of its weight in water.
  • Cotton – Cotton is at the top of the list when it comes to natural fiber. Cottons are durable, soft, and highly absorbent, always maintain their plushness and shape irrespective of how many times it has been washed.
  • Bamboo Viscose – The bamboo viscose comes with a natural mildew resistant and anti-bacterial property. It evaporates water very fast; dries quick and as such do not hold any odor.

Why must you Buy Towels

There are more than thousands of reason why one should Buy Towels their first choice when it comes bathroom accessories. Amongst which includes-

  • Turkish Towels yield the softest, most durable textures because they are made using a ring-spun pattern while weaving it. This is achieved by tightly twisting short and long threads to create the smoothest and shortest possible yarn.
  • Turkish towels are all made of cotton. These cottons are grow using organic farming which applies minute and chemical. Absence of chemicals while farming combats global warming through carbon sequestration. This makes Turkish towel ecofriendly and poses no harm to the human body.
  • All Turkish Towels are double stitched along the length. This pattern of stitching helps prevent fraying and adds stability.
  • Turkish Towels are made of good quality. What else can anyone ask for if not investing your more into something of good quality?
  • Turkish Cotton is durable and long lasting
  • Turkish towels provides the perfect balance between softness and absorbency due to the material used in making it –pure organic cotton
  • Turkish Cotton are 100% natural.

Turkish towels are simply natural bathroom accessories which make an explicit addition to your home. Nothing that adds to the sweetness you get when wrapped in a big, fluffy, soft bath towel after an exciting long soak. Dry off with Turkish towels made from low impact dyes and natural fibers. This gives you an ecofriendly wipe down and sudsing – up. Don’t limit that comfort to yourself, try extending it as Turkish towels are perfect when with comes to gifting friends and family.Don’t hesitate to get your own Turkish towel.

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