Using eco-friendly fabrics in towels and organic cotton (Turkish cotton)

Using eco-friendly fabrics in towels and organic cotton (Turkish cotton)
August 6, 2017 AnatolianFabric
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Turkey is the world leader in organic cotton production with over 40 percent organic cotton (Turkish cotton) grown worldwide produced in Turkish companies/farms. It is manufactured without the use of pesticides and toxic fertilizers, and in almost all cases is harvested/taken entirely by hand, to reduce the carbon footprint because no heavy farm tools/machinery is used. Organic cotton is healthier for you, for the farmers and generate a healthy environment (i.e. it is eco-friendly). Whether drying with a soft and luxurious towel (as in Turkish towels, made with Turkish cotton) or curled up in some luxury beddings, you can be sure that you are shopping the best and most positive products.

Using eco-friendly fabrics in towels and organic cotton (Turkish cotton)There are many advantages of using eco-friendly organic cotton. Some of the benefits of this organic cotton clothing include better health for consumers, Eco-friendliness or environmental protection and cost saving in various ways (your skin does not become irritated which would make you spend money to see a cosmetologist). These benefits have resulted in an explosion in the organic cotton popularity in recent times. Parents are increasingly buying baby clothes, diapers and baby blankets made of organic cotton.

It doesn’t matter the category, either Young or old consumers, men or women use different products made from organic Turkish Cotton . From clothing like jeans, pajamas, shirts, blankets, towels, sheets, bedding, bags, mattresses, pillows, towels, socks, underwear, Bras, and other clothing fabrics are made of organic cotton.

Organic clothing manufacturers who make quality organic cotton clothing advice that it is best to wear clothing and use products like towels made from organic cotton, especially for children (this doesn’t cause irritation on their skin). Many consumers and parents agree with this. Organic cotton is remarkable for the supple skin of babies who are still developing their skin. It is a known fact that clothing and towels made from organic cotton are softer than conventional/synthetic cotton.

Given that the fabric is very soft, long lasting, anti-wicking, wrinkle resistant, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It is also a form of thermal control – meaning that it helps you stay cool in the heat and warm when the weather’s cold. It is quick to absorb the dye and requires very less dye than other cotton products.

It is a very good material, not only for shirts but also for towels. This is why it is used in the production of Turkish cotton.

One of the most important factors that stand it out is the amount and type of chemicals used with in growing of inorganic cotton. They use pesticides and toxic insecticides such as aldicarb, to control the growth of various parasites, pest, and insects. Although there are a few studies which say that the use of this chemicals might not be too dangerous to humans, won’t you prefer not to use products that have been In contact with them if you get a cleaner alternative? Won’t you want your kids to be 100% free from risks of cancer?! They are corrosive chemicals and if anyone can, they should do everything to avoid them

In addition, as the production of organic cotton does not require the use of chemicals, there is far less risk of allergies. Organic cotton clothing also reduces breathing problems and have a pleasant smell. Facts associated with Organic kinds of cotton are similar to that of organic foods and organic living;

A very good example of eco-friendly and organic cotton is Turkish cotton. It has remained a great choice for years.

Here are few reasons why Turkish kinds of cotton are great

Turkish cotton has long fiber and is soft, and also strong

It absorbs water very well and very ideal for a towel, and dries much faster which means it doesn’t smell

Turkish cotton gets softer and becomes more absorbent after repeated washing this means it gets better with usage.

Thus, Turkish cotton is the best for towels. They are light and are quick to dry. And they remain fresh even when they aren’t spread to dry immediately

Therefore, Turkish cotton is ideal for bath towels or beach towels, travel towels, gym or yoga towels etc

All this makes the Turkish Towels is ideal for:

  • A quick dry towel
  • A super-lightweight fabric (the fibers are not so tight)
  • Extremely packable

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