Turkish towels 101
August 6, 2017 AnatolianFabric

I have heard people talking about getting Turkish towels and the advantages of using the Henry Christy discovered products. This has made the Turkish towel popular.

Firstly what are Turkish towels,

Turkish towels are cozy towels which are made from 100% cotton  and have high absorbing power.Turkish towels are special due to their Quick dry ability and the comfort they gives. Turkish Cotton are considered to be premium and more luxurious of the type of cotton which make it the perfect match for use at the beach. Turkish towels are made in a style that is more appealing than other beach towels. Your beach kit is simply incomplete without a Turkish towel that will give quick dry and classy look when using.

Turkish towels are strong and smooth because longer fibre cotton are used in producing the towel which in turns reduce the joins. There is nothing comparabke to Turkish towel as it simply gives you that pampered feeling, which only a baby can experience..


 What ate the benefits of Turkish cotton towels?

The benefits of the Turkish towel are not far fetched as the towel tends to beat other towels due to its unique features.


The Turkish towel have the property of being contactable. Turkish towel are easily packed and fixed into the bag when going to the beach Hereby reducing the stress of Getting another bag while young to the beach.

High absorbing ability

The leading benefit a Turkish towel has over other towels is it’s high absorbing power.  The Turkish towel quick dries the body due to the fine fibres on the towel.

Another distinct property of the Turkish towel is it’s ability to get dried more quickier than other towels which simply means the towel are not at risk of always getting moist or damp and one is free dorm mildewy smelling towels.


The Turkish towel posses the ability of standing the test of time and last longer. Using of Turkish towel will practically save your money . The Turkish towel is tough and durable.Another interesting fact that makes me fascinated about this Turkish towel is that the more you wash the towel the softer and finer it gets softer and gives more comfortability


In addition to the durability,high absorbency power,compactability that the Turkish towel has, the Turkish towel due to the fiber lengths used it makes the towel more silky,smolrh and soft. This is definitely the reason why the towel has been the talk I’m the market when thinking of choosing a towel for summer.

Also the Turkish towel was created in a stylish way with designs and color to grace the cotton. The cotton was created stylish with stripes. They also have pattern line stripes of triangles.

Another economic benefit of Turkish towel is that it provides a source of market and also employment for those that are into the production,sale and distribution.

 The Turkish towel also posses versatile and multi functional use as it can be used as them as scarfs, wraps, or even as tablecloths. It can also be used for tapestry.

So the simple answer to the question why are Turkish water observant is simply due to the 100% original Turkish Cotton , the process of production, the high absorbing water capability makes it water observant.

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