Turkish Cotton vs Terry Cloth

Turkish Cotton vs Terry Cloth
August 6, 2017 AnatolianFabric
Using eco-friendly fabrics in towels and organic cotton (Turkish cotton)

A lot of people tend to be happy when they get to realize summer is closer. When you think about how very cold the country has been for months, you will also be happy for the sun to appear, and make you enjoy pool and beach days. Nevertheless, we all want to make use of new and comfortable towels for these days, and this is the reason for the comparison.

Quite a large number of people grew up using terrycloth towels, which happens to be a scratch and thick one. It is obnoxious for you to wait for several hours because you dipped your towel into water and want it to get dry, isn’t it? The answer is yes, because towels are specially made to dry human and to be reused as many times as possible within a short interim. This is the drawback of terrycloth, and what makes Turkish cotton advantageous over the former. Turkish cotton is more comfortable and dries faster than the former.

They are both made of nice materials, but terry cloth feels scratchy, rough, and thick because it is made of looped cotton. This also makes it heavier than Turkish cotton, making it less convenient to carry along with you when going on a long journey. It also takes up too much space if you are planning to add it to the items in your luggage. Turkish Cotton on the other hand, is woven with fibers that are evidently longer than that of the former, which cause it to be softer and stronger. It also has the means to absorb better than the former, which makes it a better towel.

When it also comes to durability, Turkish cotton is more durable than terry cloth. People that make use of both of them can never gainsay the fact that Turkish cotton can be used and constantly washed for a very long period of time without diminishing its quality, softness, strength and the comfort it gives its user.

It is deplorable to buy a towel that does not absorb water expeditiously, and when it finally does, it takes superfluous amount of time to get rid of the water. This is another advantage the Turkish cotton has over terry cloth, because it can absorb water in an expeditious and efficient way. Towel is used basically to absorb water that is all over our body, so a towel that cannot do this quickly can never be preferred to the one that can.

When talking about towels, the beauty should also not be left aside. A towel should have the means to arrest the attention of people. Why should I buy a towel with no pattern, and yet with a dull color? Why should my friends see my towel and can’t say they admire it, even without using it? This is another of the advantages Turkish Cotton has over terry cloth. Turkish cotton can be single-colored and arresting or kaleidoscopic and remarkable. This makes considerable amounts of people prefer to purchase it.

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