Turkish Cotton Towel Facts
February 3, 2018 AnatolianFabric

It’s an undisputed fact that the Turkish towel is one of most used towels across the globe.

I have heard people talking about getting this Turkish towel due to the advantage attached to using this product discovered by Henry Christy.

To start with what are Turkish towels?

Turkish towels are a hundred percentage cotton towels which is thick, cozy and heavy in nature. In general this towel has high absorbing power.

This towel seems special due to its ability to dry and give comfort.

The Turkish towel made from the Turkish cotton is a more sophisticated and luxurious cotton that makes the Turkish cotton a perfect match for the beach.

Going to a beach without a Turkish towel is synonymous to going to an exam hall without a pen or going to farm without your farming tools. This is because the towels are made in a style that is more appealing than other towels. The Turkish towel will give you a quick dry and classy look after being used at the beach.

Another plus of this Turkish towel is the fact that they are made of long fibres which makes them look smooth and strong.

To get a pampered feeling experienced by babies, then get the Turkish towel from Anatolian Fabric.

You can’t just compare the comfort attached to using a Turkish towel.

Since we know what the Turkish cotton towels is about, let’s look into the benefits of Turkish cotton towels?

From the meaning of the Turkish towel and what the Turkish towel is made from, we can see that the benefits of this towel cannot be far-fetched because the Turkish cotton towel beats other types of towels due to its unique features.


A unique property of the Turkish cotton towels is that the towel is compactable. This towel can be packed with ease into bags when going to the beach. The Turkish towel helps in reducing the stress to carry another bag meant for the journey to the beach.

The Turkish cotton towels has high absorbing ability

Another reason why you need to consider Turkish towel over other towels is because the Turkish cotton has high absorbing ability. The fine fibers on the towel make it easy for drying.

The leading benefit a Turkish towel has over other towels is its high absorbing power.  The Turkish towel quick dries the body due to the fine fibers on the towel.

Another crème and distinct property of the Turkish towel is the ability of the towel to get dried more quicker than other towels which simply implies that the Turkish cotton towels are not at risk of getting moist or damp and one is free dorm mildew smelling towels.

The Turkish towel Durability cannot be understood

In getting a towel that possess the ability of standing the test of time and will also last longer, then consider using Turkish towel. If you are in search of a towel that is strong and durable, pick up a Turkish cotton towel.

Simply, the more you use, wash and dry a Turkish towel, the more softly and better it becomes.

Also, another benefit is the Softness of this Turkish cotton towel.

Excluding the facts that the Turkish towel is durable, compatible and has high absorbency power, the Turkish towel is soft. This is because the fiber length makes the towel more soft, silky and smooth.

The reasons stated above are the major reasons why the Turkish towel is always the number one option during summer or when going to the beach. These factors also make the towel very popular.

Additionally, the Turkish towel was made in a stylish and modern way with the use of different design and pattern to grace the cotton. The towel has striped designs pattern line stripes from triangles and other designs.

To add to the benefits of using this towel, the towel has economic benefit. Buying these towels from Anatolian Fabric and reselling serves as a source of employment opportunity. Distributing the towel or producing is also embedded under the economic benefits.

On a final note, this Turkish towel has multi-functional use and is versatile. It can be used as scarfs, table cloths or even as tapestry. It can also be used as wraps.

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