What is a round towel or blanket?

What is a round towel or blanket?
August 6, 2017 AnatolianFabric
What is a round towel or blanket

Today we will discourse round blankets otherwise known as Round Towels .

Although these round towels are growing in popularity recently, there are many people, who do not even know what these towels are, so what is a round blanket or towel?

What is a round towel or blanketThe round blanket as the name implies is a round shaped blanket or towel. It has thick, soft and absorbent features such as the common towels, but are even more decorated and beautiful.

You can also use these towels to wrap yourself to be warm on a cold day, they can be used to decorate your bedroom too, so they are versatile in usage.

The materials used to make towels or round blankets

Our Mission used in making the best round towels or blankets are Turkish cotton. These give it the luxurious feel it has. It is durable, soft and supple. It doesn’t matter if you have sensitive skin or not, and it is made from 100% cotton which is natural


The use of round towels/blankets

  1. Blanket

You can use this towel or blanket to design and lay your bed. It adds an extra layer and beauty to your room.

  1. Bath or beach towel

Of course, this is very obvious; it is a towel. If you are traveling, you know you’d not use public towels, some hostels might not even provide towels, with your round blanket, and you are good to go. ON the beach, it’ll come in handy too. You have the luxury of spreading these towels under the sun if you want to bask.

  1. Scarf or head wrap

While visiting hot places, you might encounter cold regions, where you need something to keep you warm. Sometimes, some rooms might be too cold as a result of the air condition being too cold, in this condition, you might desire something to keep you warm. Your round towel or blanket will be very useful as a head wrap or scarf.

I like my round blanket, especially because it is made with the same materials as Turkish towels, it has good absorbent quality, so it keeps me warm. If as a lady, you are traveling to the Middle East, you need this too because you will be required to always cover your hair as a woman.

  1. It can be used as a Mobile Blanket

Should you need a blanket in a plane, train, car, or even outside in a park; your round blanket will make a good choice. They are made soft and cozy and are so comfortable too. Because they are made from cotton, it gives it a supple feel that gives you the feeling of luxury.

  1. Protection from touching exposed surfaces

It might seem strange, but there are those who do not like touching exposed surfaces in a public place. It might be the allergy to sit on the toilet seat on a plane or in a restaurant. These towels can help protect you from these surfaces.

  1. Beach cover

Are you out on a beach and have your bikini on? You can use your Round Towels as a cover when you need to.

  1. Use it as a pillow

You can roll up your round blanket and make it into a pillow. This towel also serves as a perfect way to improvise pillows on air planes.

  1. They are good picnic blankets

If you are on a picnic to a beach or a park, your Round Towels can come in handy. All you need do is spread it, and you are set to dine with your loved ones.

How to choose and buy the right round towels

The first thing to look out for when buying a round towel is to be sure they are made from 100% cotton. They are very good absorbents, help keep you warm and do not easily start to stink. They are also very durable since they are of natural materials.

The best round blankets are made from Turkish cotton which gives you a feel of luxury. They also come in very many designs which you can choose from to satisfy your color taste.

Round Towels has long fibers which mean less joining, and this will give you even more comfort.

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