What makes Turkish cotton different?

What makes Turkish cotton different?
August 6, 2017 AnatolianFabric
What makes Turkish cotton different

What makes Turkish cotton differentMany people believe cotton is cotton, isn’t it? Well, not quite.

Most of the bath and spa towels are made of cotton or cotton blends, but then, there exist numerous differences in these blends. And the fibers and materials used can surely affect how it feels or its texture, the durability of use and the general usage.

Types of cotton

Organic cotton – The certified organic kinds of cotton are Eco-friendly (this means they are derived from plants). They do not use synthetic products like pesticides or fertilizers. And they are collected and harvested using methods that are friendly to the ecosystem. Towels or any products made from these fibers might have the same feel and be used to achieve the same results as others, and of course without being too big.

Egyptian cotton – this is considered as a high-quality cotton because of its very long fibers and high ability to absorb. Egyptian cotton is the most preferred choice for luxury hotels and spas. And it is on top of the best absorbent and luxurious feeling cotton. This cotton is used to produce towels that are the exact opposite of Turkish cotton, it easily stinks.

Pima cotton – Pima cotton is grown in the Southwest of the United States with the same plants as Egyptian cotton. Pima cotton is known mainly for its superior fiber and top notch absorption capacity, strength, and durability. It goes by another brand name “Supima.”

Bamboo – This is often a mixture of bamboo/cotton, but also can be 100% bamboo. The Bamboo is a sustainable ecological choice. This is because it grows very quickly and it does not require any pesticide (it is resistant to pests). It has a high absorbing ability; this makes many companies fancies using it as the material to use in their productions. Blends of bamboo are quite soft, they are flexible, and they have a luxurious feel, they are also a naturally antibacterial material.

Microfiber blends –The microfiber stuff is becoming a popular option in the market of towel trade and production. It is typical of polyester. Microfiber fabrics can contain a significant amount of water. High-tech blends can be tweaked to provide towels that are more refined and luxurious.

Turkish Cotton – This is similar to the Egyptian cotton which has very long fibers, these high-quality kinds of cotton are grown in the Turkish region. The Turkish cotton towels are soft and supple, they are luxurious and have a good absorbent quality. However, it has the edge over the Egyptian alternative.

What is Turkish Cotton ? And why do you have to buy Turkish cotton?

The Turkish cotton as a premium cotton is known for its very long fibers. As using such fiber cotton means less joining. Consequently, this means even a smoother and stronger cotton thread. Turkish cotton is grown on the small and productive Aegean region of turkey. Here the climate is favorable for the growth of such type of cotton with more sunny days, and it has far less rain, which is best for such.

This type of Cotton is a major leader in the world of cotton because of several features.

These features ensure that Turkish cotton has an efficient drying ability and maximum absorbency. The process of weaving traditional Turkish cotton is exasperating. IN weaving it, hand looms are used, which uses a single yarn for every weave. While the automatic machine uses simultaneously, two yarns at least. Hence, when another towel of the same weight is compared with the Turkish towel, there is an obvious difference in the texture, how soft it is, the absorbent nature an how fluffy it is. The other towel is found to be tight and also tough, unlike the Turkish towel made from Turkish cotton, which gives you the feeling of luxury & quality.

  • The Turkish cotton has a robust structure and a natural shade of beauty.
  • The Turkish kinds of cotton have elongated fibers: These fibers from Turkish Cotton are traditionally narrow in diameter and also longer, which means more cloth per square inch.
  • It is an extremely absorbent cotton: There are more threads in Turkish cotton. With more threads, there will be more absorbency. This is the reason why Turkish cotton is very absorbent, and it is a fact that natural absorbency is better for towels and bathrobes, while other less absorbent cotton is nice for t-shirts and some other clothing material.
  • The Turkish cotton is exceptionally soft: Turkish kinds of cotton are known for their smoothness and softness.
  • Washing Turkish pieces of cotton: Turkish cotton is easily washed. It is acceptable to wash in fairly warm water. And it should be dried in a low heat condition so that the threads remain in their original condition for long.

In conclusion, Turkish Towels: Make a quick drying towel, Prevent mildew, easily or super packable, do not easily start to stink (because it does not retain water for long), Unlike the Egyptian cotton.

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