Five reasons why you will love your first Turkish towel

Five reasons why you will love your first Turkish towel
August 6, 2017 AnatolianFabric

Today, Turkish Towels are a leading light and they are making a big comeback. From the beach to retail stores you will often catch a glimpse of a fashion oriented person covering themselves in one. They have always been a part of the fashion industry only that now the designs are even more stylish. The Turkish bath is a renowned tradition and has existed for centuries and remains prevalent across the globe. Hence creating the perfect towel for such conventional routine is not odd. Turkish towel is loved because of the striking textile designs incorporated and much dedication put in crafting these unique designs.
Here are few reasons why Turkish has become the most patronized piece for the beach, pool, gym and every other towel-toting location.
1. Light & Compact: They are lightweight and easy to pack hence making it easy to be used anytime and anywhere. They are thinner than cloth towels nonetheless very absorbent, although they’re comparatively large, it can be creased into a compact square that fits perfectly inside your suitcase, gym bag or purse.
2. Get Softer with Each Use: Turkish towels are tightly weaved instead of wearing out due to frequent scrubbing in the washing machine; Turkish towels are famous for maintaining its good looks. Due` to its light weight Turkish towels dry much quicker than terry towels just twenty to thirty minutes in the sun is just right to make it dry and ready for use.
3. Versatile: Turkish towels are so nifty and are worth the money spent in purchasing one. Aside from using them in the bath or and at the beach, pool and spa, it can be used as a baby blanket, as a wrap when you’re cold, as a picnic blanket or table-cloth.
4. Fashionable: Yes! Turkish Towels is often spotted in the all the rage beaches, wearing it also make you look fashionable. Whether you’re wearing it as a, scarf or shawl, you’ll always be stylishly accessorized because it is a handy accessory well-known on the beaches. It cans also be used as a couch throw or as stylish hand towels in your bathroom. No matter the print or design you go for, there is the perfect style that suits you. Turkish towel has lustrous and modern striped designs to choose from. This `towel come in a variety of colors and sizes so everyone in your family can have a unique towel to call their own.
5. Make a Great Gift
due to its array of colors and designs to select from, Turkish towel makes a perfect and beautiful gift for friends and love ones. Make sure to find a style that fits.
Bottom line
Turkish Towels are easy to design due to the flexible nature of the material. They come in a diverse range of colors and fashion. The Caribbean blue, dolphin grey, crimson pink, black and white stripes. The color range is beautiful and exquisite. Anatolian Fabric, Turkish Towel Company are so beneficial and have so many amazing qualities that you’ll probably never have a need for cumbersome terry cloth towels again.

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