The Differences between Egyptian cotton Towels and Turkish Cotton Towels

The Differences between Egyptian cotton Towels and Turkish Cotton Towels
February 3, 2018 AnatolianFabric
The Differences between Egyptian cotton Towels and Turkish Cotton Towels

The Differences between Egyptian cotton Towels and Turkish Cotton Towels

The Differences between Egyptian cotton Towels and Turkish Cotton TowelsAlthough we use towels every day, we never really think about it. This is because there are a lot of differences between towels. All towels are made of cotton, but they are not of equal quality. Also, one towel can be softer and heavier than the other, and other may be absorbance than the other. The Egyptian cotton towel that is acclaimed to be the world best cotton towel has a rival called Turkish cotton towel. These differences may not be too much, but some people prefer the differences between the two cotton sheets. If you have been using Egyptian towel for some time, you may be wondering what the Turkish cotton has to offer. Below are the few similarities, differences between Egyptian and Turkish cotton towel and why you will prefer one to the other:


The Condition in which they grow:

  • Egyptian cotton Towels

The Egyptian cotton is designed under some particular condition. The Egyptian cotton is grown under a humid and high temperature of Egypt. The Giza cotton is around the clean water Nile River. This is why they are classified among the best cotton towel we have today. The condition in which Egyptian cotton is grows made the cotton more durable and last long as a cotton towel. It is believed that the Egyptians used cotton in 12,000 BC. Although cotton was made in India in the past, it is nowadays made and used throughout the world. Cotton grows best in a long, frost-free period with plenty of sunshine and between 600 and 1200 mm of rain per year.

  • Turkish Cotton Towels

Turkish cotton is a bit similar to Egyptian cotton towel because of the condition in which it’s grown. They have a long strand but not as long as the Egyptian counterpart. Egyptian cotton is much smoother. This made them absorbent but not as much as the Egyptian cotton. This may be a disadvantage to this towel, but there are other things to be considered in the remaining part of the article.

The Condition in which the Towel is used

  • Egyptian Cotton Towels

To determine the best towel, you need to determine the context it will be utilized. This is because you may be used for bathing, general use or cleaning up spills. This is the best towel you can use. An Egyptian cotton towel can be utilized for various purposes at home. They are one of the best towels when it comes to general uses at home, but they still have their flaws also. This is because when you are using Egyptian cotton towel for general cleaning at home, you need to be sure it does not come in contact with any stain in the process. You also need to wring out the moisture in the towel to keep it in good condition.

  • Turkish Cotton Towels

The Turkish cotton towel is very is a very light one.  That is why it can be used outside and easily packed in your bag when you want to travel. The Turkish towel is perfect for the activities outside of the home. This towel is great when used after bathing, but may not be the best when coming out of the swimming pool or when you visit the beach for vacation. This is because you will need a towel that can easily dry moisture in no time in such conditions. The Turkish towel is best used during the hotter climate. They are also desirable when you are travelling and need something light.  They are good because of their durability, firmness, and softness.

The Absorbency

The absorbency of the cotton towel is a significant factor when buying one. A thick towel will be best used on the beach; a soft one should be the one you can use when stepping out of the shower or in hotter condition. The loops in the towel allow it to absorb the liquid. And this also determines the drying ability.

  • Egyptian cotton towels

Egyptian cotton is the commonly used cotton towel because of its absorbency. They are thick and absorbent. They are often utilized in the most hotel around the world and are dried with an average conventional dryer.

  • Turkish cotton towels

Turkish cotton is absorbent and durable but not as Egyptian cotton. You may not like Turkish towel if you want your towel to dry quickly. Turkish cotton is comfortable and soft. But the more you wash the towel, the softer and absorbent it becomes. That’s why some world-class hotels choose to use Turkish cotton towels.

Which of the Cotton Towel is Superior?

In a nutshell, Egyptian cotton is mostly handpicked by most users for the durability and thickness. But Turkish cotton has their advantages if that is what you want. While it’s good to have the Egyptian cotton towel at home for general cleaning, Turkish towel is good when you need something light to travel with. But you should go for the towel that suits your personal use and preference. You should buy based on the need, for you to enjoy the towel to the fullest.

By purchasing Anatolian Fabric towels, you will be able to experience all the above mentioned benefits linked with Turkish cotton towels.

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