Advantage of the round towels
August 6, 2017 AnatolianFabric
Advantage of the round towels

Are you avid outdoor enthusiasts, a beach goer and socialites? Do you love spending many hours hanging out and relaxing on traditional rectangular beach towels? If yes, you would notice during the beach gathering that you tend to spend a great deal of time moving your towel to shake off the sand or you would continually adjust the towel in order to achieve the perfect angle of direct sunshine.

Advantage of the round towelsHave you ever asked yourself why there isn’t a round towel that would put an end to shaking and moving of your towel at all times?

A round towel made of Turkish cotton is now available for your satisfaction at the beach and social gathering. With the Turkish cotton made round towel, a true piece of fashion with everyday functionality, durability and versatility is now available for you to appreciate. With the usage of the round towel there is no need wasting your precious time moving and shaking your towel to get sand out of the towel.

While you get to gaze upon the endless sandy surf kissed beaches, you can now simply kick back and relax uninterruptedly.

The traditional rectangular beach towel will never be considered again after experiencing the advantages of the Turkish cotton made round towels.


Round towels differ in terms of the following aspects with the regular bath towel;

  • Dimension; Round towels are wider that the regular towels. Normally, the regular towel is between 52 to 58 inches, unlike the round towel which is about 70 inches. The round towel is usually long enough for someone to lay on without the person’s head and feet getting sand.
  • Thickness; since the primary purpose of towels is to dry you off and to also act as a barrier between you and sand, a round towel is thinner than the regular towel.
  • Appearance; It is easier to spot the two towels, because the round towel is generally more brightly colored than the regular towel. The regular towel has a solid color and it is designed to complement the bathroom’s décor.

The round towel has two materials which are Turkish Cotton and polyester. The advantage of the cotton towel is that it has high water absorption ability, it is soft, and it is also durable. On the other hand, the advantage of the polyester towel is that it is soft enough. The choice is yours to choose according to your demand.

No matter what color of round towel you desire to buy, they are all beautiful because some round towels have tassels

The most important thing to consider is the design. It is made of various printed designs and style, so you can choose the design or style you like.

You can buy round towel at a low price, you can use it at the beach to relax, cover up your body and can as well be used to cover a table. Round towel is sometimes referred to as a decorative towel by some folks because it can be used to decorate your house. It can be used to decorate any area using any style you desire.

You will not be disappointed when you buy a round towel, because it is not useless and it can be used anywhere.

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